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Injured turtles are seeking ‘support’ from bras

Jul 06, 2019

Injured turtles are seeking ‘support’ from bras

A wildlife rescue group has a strange request. They want your discarded bras. But it’s for a good reason. In fact I’ve seen first hand how they can save turtles lives. Here’s how...

A cracked shell can be fatal for a turtle if they’re not properly managed. But because the shell is living, growing, sensitive tissue managing these fractures can be incredibly difficult. In fact, the old method of supergluing the cracks was abandoned when it was found the glue could trap infection. But a breakthrough now sees shell cracks wired closed. And the best anchor is actually the clip from a bra!

Naturally during peak turtle rescue seasons, finding enough clips to satisfy the demand is nearly impossible. But that’s where a call-out on social media has made all the difference. Two US wildlife rescue groups now have thousands of bras to choose from.

So once spring hits the Southern Hemisphere, you might just find your ‘support’ is required here too...