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Joey the ram proves that unicorns really do exist

Apr 16, 2019

Joey the ram proves that unicorns really do exist

This sheep’s remarkable deformity may make him the only real life unicorn in the world. But just how he’s come to exist and find a loving family is quite remarkable...

Joey’s delightful deformity is the result of a quirk in his development in the womb, where the cells that grow the horn, migrated to the wrong spot and landed in the middle of his head rather than either side. But it’s a quirk that’s been both life changing and life saving.

You see when South Australian stock agent Michael Foster spotted the unique sheep on a client’s farm, he immediately bonded with the little guy who didn’t quite look like the rest. So instead of being shipped off to a feedlot, Michael offered the farmer a case of beer and Joey the unicorn sheep immediately became a family pet to Michael’s two daughters. Two girls who can now lay claim to living with a real life and really loved unicorn. Ensuring that Joey’s remarkable life continues on the straight and narrow...

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