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Why cats and dogs get the zoomies!

Sep 25, 2019

Why cats and dogs get the zoomies!

Lots of you want to know why your dog and cat do high speed circle-work around the house and yard after taking care of their ‘business’. So here’s your answer...

(Get excited. The explanation includes the term poo-phoria)...

Well for starters, this phenomenon is important enough to earn its own (somewhat brilliant) name; POO-PHORIA. But the reason behind the behaviour has actually been a mystery for a long time. Recent research suggests that rather than it being a sign of relief or an instinctive desire to escape a scent that might attract predators, there is actually a medical explanation.

The act of toileting actually stimulates the VAGUS nerve (found in the colon) which sends a signal to the brain leading to a feeling of exhilaration and a natural ‘high’. And that high is exactly what transforms your cat or dog from lounge lizard to new land speed record holder around your home. You can even use early signs of poo-phoria to predict when toilet time might be approaching. 

Poo-phoria is now the term you never knew you needed in life...

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