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Why clean litter trays are used immediately!

Apr 29, 2020

Why clean litter trays are used immediately!

It’s a frustration for all of us clean freaks. That clean and pristine cat litter only stays that way for a matter of seconds before the wily whiskered one, who’s secretly been watching on, jumps into the tray for a wee they’ve somehow saved up for the occasion. But why, oh why does this happen?

Well, it’s all about the scent. And more importantly, the lack of it. You see for a cat, that litter tray is a sacred object. Almost a place of worship. Because their signature fragrance (the pheromone in their urine we can’t smell) emanates from there each day. It’s almost like a central modem that instead of spreading a WiFi signal, spreads the ‘Wee-Fi’. And any other cat that dares get close to the house would sense that home signal and know to back off.

But when you clean that tray, you turn off their signal. They’re temporarily silenced from their own form of feline social media. And that’s why they rush in to resume normal local transmission with a pheromone laden wee. Even an almost empty bladder somehow produces enough to get the signal back online. Yep, cats are true telecommunications experts...

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