Can pets siblings recognise each other?

Louie (on the right) was playing in the park when he suddenly ‘stopped in his tracks’, stared and then instantly bonded with another Labradoodle. The two owners got talking and discovered they had more than just their haircuts in common. They were from the same breeder and litter. They were brothers!

And it seems these two aren’t alone in having their family reunion ‘at first sight’. Lots of other pet parents have reported the phenomenon which actually has more to do with scent recognition than any visual similarity. A dogs scent and pheromones essentially act like their own form of I.D. meaning a family will have its own unmistakable smell. Now there’s something relatable to the human world.

But this unique scent also means rescues, whose appearance might be more variable, could make family connections in the park and you might never know. Excuse me while my heart melts.

This trait also makes it possible for pets to recognise members of their own extended human family; even if they’ve never met. Crazy huh.

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