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Why cats knock your expensive items off benches

Mar 15, 2021

Why cats knock your expensive items off benches

Ever wondered why cats seem to love knocking your stuff off benches? Well, here's why even the most mild mannered cat feels the need to rub some physics in your face...

There are two things at play here. And ‘play’ happens to be a big part of both of them. For starters, even though your cat doesn’t have the size, stripes or mane of his or her bigger cat cousins, the hunting skills remain. But like any ability, it needs fine-tuning. And their practice sessions come courtesy of small prey like mice. However, with (most) homes being mouse free, your kitten needs to create their own small scurrying objects. And that’s precisely why your prized ornaments, sunglasses and latest model iPhones end up falling to the floor. Technically, they’re in ‘training’!

The other reason is more obvious. After all, seeing your precious personal items plummet to the ground is hard to ignore. So logically, this is expert level attention seeking behaviour. If you’re on an extended call, engrossed in a Netflix series or ignoring their calls for dinner then be suspicious this is what’s at play.