October 14, 2021

Just how quickly do cats unravel without us?

Just how quickly do cats unravel without us?
Dr. Chris Brown

While cats claim to be independent, we know the truth! They go to water without their human. So I thought I’d find out just how long cats cope without company. And the exact amount of time will surprise you...

Hint: You may have something in your eye when you find out 😭 

When it comes to their need for food and water, sure we can leave cats at home for a weekend and assume they’ll be ok. But while those feeding bowls may be full, their emotional cup may be running empty.

Cats have these under appreciated social and emotional needs that just can’t be met if they’re alone.

In fact, if you’ve ever come home to a stray vomit, diarrhoea or a toilet attempt that missed the mark, these are probably signs of separation stress.

I find a harsher hair-coat with fur that falls out easily is also a big sign. And it’s all surprisingly common.

So how long is too long without contact?

Cats are such emotional sponges that it’s now considered unfair to leave them completely alone for more than 18-24 hours.

So while 3 hours to the shops might raise some eyebrows, 8 hours in the office will be suffered (and possibly slept through), the alarm bells start to ring with anything much longer. In fact, that long weekend away will feel like a much looonger weekend for the whiskered one.

So what can you do to help?

But rather than cancelling all holiday plans, try to work with their secretly sensitive heart. Having a cat sitter visit at least once a day to top up food, water and pat levels will be greatly appreciated. That outlet (and that lap) will mean the world to them.

Thankfully, there's now also proven help in the form of the ingredients in my Calm + Collected treats. The L-theanine works to keep them relaxed and reduce the signs of stress that we now know they are definitely experiencing. 

Just brace yourself for the Academy Award winning performance when you return though. They might pretend your return doesn’t mean anything to them. But trust me, they’re doing cartwheels…on the inside!

Calm + Collected Cat
Calm + Collected Cat

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