For the hairiest human in your home

No sneaky stuff. Seriously.

  • Chicken
    Real Aussie Chicken Breast
    100% real Australian chicken breast is the number 1 ingredient
  • Natural
    Made with Natural Goodness
    Real wholefoods and real health benefits from hand-picked functional ingredients. And completely meat meal free
  • Aussie
    Aussie owned and made
    Backed by veterinary insight and crafted by Dr Chris Brown from the finest Australian ingredients

Calm + Collected
Treat Balls

Leaving for work? Or stressing over a storm? These treats help your dog keep calm through the ups and downs of everyday life

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No more meat meals

Treats should say love. What do you do when you can’t find a treat you believe in? You craft your own

Hear from Dr. Chris

Honest ingredients

Protect their joints, calm their nerves and make learning a ball. There’s a nutritious treat for every kind of dog

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Gulp. Why dogs REALLY hump!

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Why dogs flop to the ground on walks 😂
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Why dogs flop to the ground on walks 😂

The transformation from excited walk participant to immovable lump can be remarkably (and amusingly) sudden. But here’s why they do it…   We’ve all...

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