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For the last 20 years, my veterinary hospital and pet blog have been the home of the most trustworthy tips, tricks, and insights. For over a million people, that daily drip of Drool information has become a compulsory part of their pet-owning lives. But now, I want to treat the pets themselves!
To be honest, I just believe our dogs and cats deserve better. If they truly are furry family members then real whole foods, real functional ingredients hand-picked by me and real health benefits should be what life is all about.
This isn’t an endorsement, an ambassadorship or a sponsorship. This is me standing up for the furry family and doing what I believe is right. I’ve created a better way to treat. With no meat meals, hidden nasties or sneaky stuff. And real Aussie chicken breast as the number one ingredient.
Drool treats are the very best ingredients crafted into a unique ball shape that turns treat time into play time. And by rolling them across the floor, their favourite person in the world (that’s you!) just got even more fun. Enjoy!

Drool by Dr Chris Brown

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"Drool is my small business. My passion. And my mission to create something with honesty, integrity and quality.

Because family deserve the best…"