Our range Drool by Dr Chris Brown

Don’t run out when you need them most!

Automatically save 15% on your pet’s favourite Drool treats by subscribing to a regular delivery. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and your pet will love you for it.


Choose your treats

Head to the Drool shop and select the products you want (well, you both want) to ensure there’s always time for treats…

Choose how often

Whether it’s every 1, 2 or 3 months, simply select how often you’d like the treats delivered.

We do recommend stocking up: Fewer deliveries mean less packaging, less kilometers, and more treats on hand! We’ve chosen to partner with 100% carbon neutral shipping provider, Shippit, along with sustainable packaging by Noissue. A little extra peace of mind for you, and the environment.

Once you decide, simply click on the Subscribe & Save option when you are adding to your cart. Then just check out like any other online transaction. Easy!

Remember, if the treats are running low sooner than expected (these things happen) you can always change the next delivery date from your subscription account.

Skip, change or cancel anytime

Best of all, you’re not locked in. As well as saving 15% on every delivery, you can skip your next delivery if you find you’re a little too stocked. You can add different products when you want to try something else, and don’t forget you can cancel anytime. No drama from us, but we can’t guarantee the same for your little mate. They tend to get quite attached…

Simply head to your mate's favourite product and select Subscribe & Save to build your customised Drool subscription!