August 28, 2019

A pet does make your heart swell. Literally.

A pet does make your heart swell. Literally.
Dr. Chris Brown

Here’s some good hump day health news if you own a pet. And if you share your home with a dog, you’ll be even more delighted...

The prestigious Mayo Clinic in the US has just concluded a 2 year study into the cardiovascular health of over 1700 pet and non-pet people.

The conclusion? If you have a pet in your life then your fitness will be stronger. The hearts of dog owners, however, were even healthier. Yes, it turns out your furry family member isn’t the only one fetching their way to fitness. The act of getting outdoors for exercise not only improved cardiovascular health but also saw the diet of dog owners become more balanced. Speaking of balance, the social side of walking your dog led to a more engaged and interactive lifestyle with other 2 legged park goers.

So across the board, your little furry personal trainer isn’t just filling your heart with happiness, they’re throwing in some fitness as well.

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