March 11, 2022

How constant rain is causing a wave of gut upsets

How constant rain is causing a wave of gut upsets
Dr. Chris Brown

Near constant rain across large parts of the country is having an interesting and uncomfortable side effect on pets. A wave of gut upsets. Here’s how you can help avoid problems…

You see, after being deprived of walks for so long because of the near constant rain, the furry family are once again descending on parks and footpaths. But they’re discovering an unpleasant surprise is waiting for them.

The sheer volume of rain has formed puddles in some of their favourite park play spots. But on its way there, the storm water has dragged all kinds of waste material like dog droppings, human waste, herbicides and even rotting plant material into these watering holes. In flood affected areas, the result is even more dramatic. Ultimately, what seems like a convenient (and probably flavour-filled) drink from a puddle, is actually laden with gastro causing bugs.

Outbreaks of Giardia and E. Coli are being seen with stomach cramps, vomiting and lots of diarrhoea the very uncomfortable result.

So what can you do? Well, avoid these puddles at all costs and only drink from water bowls and taps. Areas frequented by other dogs and close to storm water pipes are the most dangerous.

If you think your dog has a gut upset, then remove all food for 12-24 hours while their stomach stabilises. If they don’t improve then see your vet immediately.

For added protection, you can keep their gut bacteria in balance with the prebiotics in my In-Betweeners treat balls.


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