March 21, 2019

The truth about garden chemicals and pets

The truth about garden chemicals and pets
Dr. Chris Brown

With the overnight news that Roundup, a common weed killer, has been shown to cause cancer in people, you might be wondering what it means for pets. After all, gardens where pesticides and herbicides are used, are their homes.

And the facts are sobering to say the least. Garden chemicals have been shown to increase the risk of bladder cancer and lymphoma in the furry family. And if that’s not enough reason for concern, levels of these carcinogens are around 50% higher in pets compared to people. Lying on lawns and gardens, being low to the ground and being meticulous groomers are all factors that raise the risks (and chemical) levels for pets.

So quite simply, stop using these chemicals in your yard and home. It could save your pets lives...

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