July 03, 2019

Living the zen life wasn’t so zensational for this cat.

Living the zen life wasn’t so zensational for this cat.
Dr. Chris Brown

A Himalayan salt lamp isn’t at the top of the list of household dangers for pets. But maybe it should be after a cat was hospitalised after becoming obsessed with licking the salt block.

Ruby the moggie was rushed to the vet after her owner arrived home to find her blind, deaf and listless. She was diagnosed with brain swelling; brought on by severe sodium poisoning after licking the lamp.

Minerals like salt (and calcium) can be surprisingly appealing to pets and can lead to seemingly confusing obsessions like licking shower tiles, rocks or even house bricks. While the level of these minerals is low on these surfaces, the concentrated salt block obviously proved too much for Ruby who is expected to make a full recovery.

Complete and balanced diets contain these minerals and therefore usually avoid the need for dogs and cats to seek them out.

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