March 06, 2020

Should pets be panic buying kitty litter?

Should pets be panic buying kitty litter?
Dr. Chris Brown

Coronavirus and pets. Obviously the big question is…should we be stockpiling poo bags and kitty litter as well?! Seriously though, here are the facts you need to know…

The World Health Organisation agrees that pets can neither contract nor transmit the virus. In short, there is no risk. And arguably no need for face-masks.

One dog did however test weakly positive to coronavirus in Hong Kong last week. This doesn’t mean he was infected or in any danger himself. Simply some of the virus that his owner had spread around his apartment, was  found in his nostrils.

The fact that just like door handles or hand rails, pets can theoretically be a temporary home to the virus means that dogs and cats are also being quarantined in high prevalence zones. But they present no danger. This hasn’t stopped these extreme face masks appearing on pets 😬.

But please try to relax. This virus isn’t any more lethal or dangerous to humans than an influenza (flu) virus. The media has unfortunately played a significant role in demonising this outbreak to the point many people believe death is inevitable if they contract the disease.

And no, there’s no need to stockpile poo bags, kitty litter or toilet paper.

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