March 16, 2020

Should you self-isolate with a friend?

Should you self-isolate with a friend?
Dr. Chris Brown

With animal shelters already at capacity, Coronavirus could create a potentially catastrophic drop in adoption rates. But if we’re heading into a potential period of self-isolation, why not take some company with you?

It makes sense. With the WHO (World Health Organisation) now agreeing that pets pose no risk and can’t be infected with Covid-19, social distancing with a friend might make perfect sense. Just think. What other time in our entire adult lives are we unlikely to be spending long hours in the office? So if you’ve been thinking about adopting (and can afford their food and health care) this could be the perfect time to take a furry family member from their social isolation and ease yours. All while seizing a perfect opportunity to understand and enrich each other’s lives...

If there is any positive to come from these crazy times, maybe an abundance of caring homes and loving humans for rescue pets is one...

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