September 20, 2019

Why the wombat needs our help right now

Why the wombat needs our help right now
Dr. Chris Brown

She’s hard to look at. But hopefully she’s harder to look away from. Because for wombat like this girl, her world is being torn apart by a disease few of us know anything about. But it could rob us of wombats forever. Here’s how you can help her...

Her name is Mrs Green. And she’s the last surviving wombat from a previously thriving colony in northern Tasmania. Like 90% of all common wombat populations across the country, she’s affected by a tiny skin mite that causes wombats to go blind and ultimately itch themselves to death. In fact, infections caused by the scratching are a death sentence for up to 95% of all wombats who contract the highly contagious mite.

It’s a disease we need to be aware of AND fight back against. While inspiring efforts from local communities can provide some relief to wombats like Mrs Green, we need to urgently support the search for a cure and get government to act before we lose this adorable barrel of the Aussie bush.


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