March 24, 2021

That exhausted cow really did make it!

That exhausted cow really did make it!
Dr. Chris Brown

With more flood survival stories coming to light, so many of you wanted to know if that Friesian cow made it out alive. Here are some more details from her herd's remarkable rescue šŸ„ ā¤ļø

The rain might finally have eased but the flood danger along the east coast of NSW will take longer to subside. But it amongst the muddy heartbreak, the efforts of two kayakers to save a herd of distressed dairy cows deserves some recognition.

Oscar Watson-Sutherland and Miles Thornton took to their kayaks when they heard the distressed calls of the cows coming down the swollen Manning River. Then using a horse halter they managed to literally lead the naturally buoyant cows (see previous post) to safety on the higher ground of a nearby grassy bank.

So yes, the exhausted girl we all collectively held our breath for did indeed make it out of the floodwaters alive!

A big thank you to these two guys for making a difference out there and for braving the spiders and snakes out there. These floodwaters were teeming with them!


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