December 07, 2020

This dog really wanted to be a mum

This dog really wanted to be a mum
Dr. Chris Brown

When lambs mysteriously started turning up on the front lawn of this home, things only got weirder and cuter from there...

Yet when 5 lambs appeared one morning with Patricia the St Bernard watching over them, the Flinn family knew they had a unique situation on their hands. All the lambs were in perfect health with Patricia trying to nuzzle them into her belly. When that didn’t work, Patricia went to knew extremes. She reappeared a few minutes later with a live rabbit and plonked that in front of them.

Yes, not only was this 60kg softie gently taking the lambs to hang with her, she was now trying to feed them. And while she may have missed the lambs don’t eat rabbit memo, there’s one message her brain did receive loud and clear.

At one year of age and not desexed, Patricia was experiencing a false pregnancy. Essentially, after coming on heat, her body believed she’d had her pregnancy and given birth to these slightly woolly babies. She just had to reunite her family.

Thankfully, the lamb’s mothers instantly accepted their borrowed babies back where they were soon offered the milk they clearly raves about over the rabbit. And Patricia’s false pregnancy hormones wore off returning her to the role of relaxed furry family member. But with a name like Patricia Bernice, there’s every chance she’s never going to live a normal life...

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