November 14, 2019

This unicorn puppy was just found wandering the streets

This unicorn puppy was just found wandering the streets
Dr. Chris Brown

Narwhal the rescue puppy has happiness written all over her face. And a second ‘tail’. Yes, she’s a unicorn puppy. Here’s how she came to be so remarkable...

The 10 week old puppy has been taken in by a dog rescue charity in Missouri, USA after being found wandering the streets alone. An x-ray of her unique face has shown her ‘tail’ doesn’t have a bony structure. In fact, it’s likely not be a tail at all and instead, a skin tag that’s the result of a quirk in her development in the womb. Due to either an injury in utero or a mixed signal, some stem cells have moved to her face and grown her little unicorn horn. The extra appendage shouldn’t ever cause her any health problems.

The other important news is that Narwhal (named after the unicorn of the sea) is already in high demand and will be rehomed with ease to the perfect human family. Ensuring this special girl can live the fairytale life she’s always dreamed of...

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