May 18, 2020

Watch this dog win life in lockdown

Watch this dog win life in lockdown
Dr. Chris Brown

Any canine amputee is remarkable. But Cora Rose takes resilience to new levels. After losing her two front legs in a bad car accident, she learnt how to walk again. Now, learning how to slow down might be her most pressing challenge!

So how does an animal so well adapted to four legs learn how to walk on just two? The key is core strength. It’s her abdominal and lumbar muscles that stabilise her trunk allowing her to rise and balance on her back legs. Not easily done especially when you realise most 2 legged dogs were born that way and so adapted from birth. Cora also had to deal with the trauma of her car accident. But this little girl proves that with some time and a lot of love from the team at Marleys Mutts Rescue, anything is possible.

Cora has truly taken ‘skilling up’ in lockdown to completely new levels. And let’s be real. Her will to live is inspiring....

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