October 08, 2019

How to know if your pet really likes your vet

How to know if your pet really likes your vet
Dr. Chris Brown

Whether it’s the strange way we take temperatures or the memories of leaving something important behind, a visit to the vet can give pets all the feels. But over the years, I’ve noticed two failsafe ways to truly know if they’re enjoying the experience.

And it all comes down to what they leave on the vets table. You see, intense stress causes two tell-tale signs. First of all, look for sweaty paw prints. While dogs and cats don’t possess sweat glands on the rest of the body, they do on the pads of their feet. So, like us, sweaty palms are a big stress indicator.

The second factor is their hair falling out. While autumn and spring are already big shedding times, a stressed dog or cat at the vet will drop hair at ‘middle aged man on his wedding day’ levels.

The sounds and smells of a vet clinic can be a significant stress trigger for pets. So if you live with a vet fretter, consider just calling in for treats and pats occasionally. We don’t mind!

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