How your dog is trying to say “I LOVE YOU”

For a dog (and some guys), they’re the 3 hardest words to say. But every day, your dog is telling you their true feelings. Here are the surprising signs your little mate really does love you…

Maybe they’ve been tongue tied all this time?! But when speaking is hard, dogs do certainly let their bodies do the talking. In fact, dogs have some of the most affectionate body language in the animal kingdom. And it’s with good reason. In fact, the attachment bond between a furry family member is as close and features the same chemical (oxytocin) as that between an infant child and a parent.

So here are the key signs they’re on the same page when it comes to affection and feeling:
- Seeking out touch and attention. This indicates dependence and a need for you in their life.
- Full eye contact. This says deep attachment as it’s not a natural instinctive behaviour between strangers. (Sorry around meal time doesn’t count)
- Bringing toys to you when you didn’t ask. Yes they’re doting on you
- Matching their emotional state to yours. One of my favourites. They know this is what best friends do and share the happy times but are there with comfort during the sad moments too.
- Resting on you. Inconvenient sometimes yes, but the trust this implies can’t be underestimated.
- Rolling over and showing their belly. This leaves them very vulnerable and we all know vulnerability is key to love.

So how did your love match go? Just like the human world, every relationship is different and different dogs show L-O-V-E in different ways. And that’s ok. Love is all about give and take after all…

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