December 19, 2019

The two tips that might save our pets and wildlife in todays heat.

The two tips that might save our pets and wildlife in todays heat.
Dr. Chris Brown

Today might be the hottest day ever in Australia, but no matter where you are in the world here are some handy tips to help pets and wildlife through a heatwave. They'll thank you for caring.

No matter where you are, a bowl or trough of water will always be welcomed by thirsty wildlife on days like today. Like everything in the drought, the food they eat simply doesn’t contain the water it used to. A little win like getting an easy drink of water can be a big step towards an animal getting through these heatwave conditions. So here’s your guide to helping our furry little friends in todays heatwave...


Bring them inside. A cool floor is often the most effective way of sucking heat out of their body. A fan (and air conditioning) will also help circulate cool air through their coat.
Best Tip: Wet down a normal bath towel, wring out until no more drops of water appear. Take this damp (not wet) towel, roll it up and place it in the freezer to get cold. Once ready, unroll the towel and place it on the floor where your dog normally like to 'chill'.

Being inside also frees up your outdoor space for some wildlife watering.


Flat dishes of water at ground level AND in the shade are lifesavers. Wallabies, roos, echidnas and lizards will be able to rehydrate here. Birds, will also cool off and drink here as well as in elevated bird baths.


Heatwaves can also kill huge numbers of insects. Putting rocks or even corks in outdoor water bowls allow insects to land and refuel safely.

Take on these small tips and chances are you’ll save a life today. That’s pretty cool. Do you have wildlife that look to you for help during the heat?

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