December 09, 2019

What your dog’s REAL age is in human years

What your dog’s REAL age is in human years
Dr. Chris Brown

I don’t know how to break it to you. But it turns out one human year doesn’t really equal 7 dog years. But here’s the simple way to truly nail down their age…if in fact they were fully hooman.

I guess we’ve always known there were flaws in the theory. After all, how do you explain the world’s longest lived dog, Bluey, an Australian cattle dog who reached the grand age of 29 dog years…or 203. But putting record breakers aside, many hairy little heroes are reaching 16 years old which is the equivalent of 112. The simple fact is dogs (and cats) grow up so fast and then live their little lives to the full. So much is achieved in the first year of life that by one year of age, they’re already the equivalent of a 30 year old person. By two years of age, they’re clocking up the 4-0. From there on though, things slow down a little, they mature (well, almost!) and they almost meander through their middle age.

But I’ve come up with a rule that does deliver you their accurate age. Here’s how your dog’s ‘Brown Number’ works!

  • If they’re 1 in dog years, that’s 30 in human years.
  • If they’re 2 in dog years, that’s 40 in human years.
  • From here on, use this formula…
  • Age in Human years = 40 + (Dog Age x 3)

How did your dog fare? Are they looking good for their age? All that fur hides the wrinkles anyway!

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