January 21, 2024

How life turned around for this six legged puppy

How life turned around for this six legged puppy
Dr. Chris Brown

Ariel the six legged spaniel puppy might just be the sweetest and bestest girl you see today. But after being left abandoned in a supermarket parking lot, this pup now has a much brighter future to look forward to…

While it’s currently not clear what’s occurred during her mum’s pregnancy to deliver her unique anatomy, her extra legs actually extended from the top of her right hind leg as you can see in the pics.

Twenty four toes are a lot to cross for a good outcome and thankfully it has been delivered thanks to a big fundraising effort from a rescue organisation and the veterinary team at the University of Bristol. They’ve just successfully removed the extra appendages, allowing her to walk properly.

In fact, the spaniel instincts are so strong she’s already scoping out new smells and puddles to jump into; which are definitely off the cards until those stitches come out.

But from humble beginnings in that supermarket, she can park all her fears for the future. Ariel now has her whole four legged life to look forward to…

(Pics: Greenacres Rescue)

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