January 04, 2024

Why this Groodle has very expensive taste

Why this Groodle has very expensive taste
Dr. Chris Brown

In the Olympics of eating something expensive, Cecil the Groodle wins the gold medal. He managed to munch down on $4000 in cash. But it’s how his parents got it back that surprised me!

Leaving the notes piled on the kitchen bench was the only invitation this seven year old boy needed. He’d consumed all of the recently withdrawn money by the time his parents realised.

But rather than making the dog vomit the money up, their vet recommended they play the waiting game. And wait they did. And then after 24 hours, it started to appear at the other end.

Incredibly, after fossicking through Cecil’s faeces in the laundry sink, his owners retrieved $3500 of the notes and were able to have them replaced at the bank.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Aussie banks will only replace the notes if greater than 80% of the note is intact. If between 20-80% of the note remains, then the percentage of the note that’s intact is what is paid. For example, if half a $50 note is found, the bank will pay $25. Now you know in case your dog does a Cecil!

Funnily enough, the skin oils present on money makes the scent surprisingly appealing…

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