July 01, 2020

How this giraffe took a sore neck to new levels

How this giraffe took a sore neck to new levels
Dr. Chris Brown

This giraffe’s eye watering injury doesn’t stop him leading a relatively normal life. Here’s why...

This giraffe was spotted in eastern Kenya and despite his extreme appearance, he didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered by an enormous kink in his neck. This subluxation of his neck vertebrae likely occurred early on in his adult life as he began jostling with other male giraffes for dominance at breeding time.

‘Necking’, which involves giraffe swinging their neck using their head as a club, can inflict serious injuries and sadly even death. Thankfully however, the injury hasn’t compressed his spinal cord and despite no physios or nurofen in sight, this guy has found a way to adapt. It’s survival of the fittest and most fearless...

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