May 27, 2019

Thanks to a genetic quirk, this cat has two faces

Thanks to a genetic quirk, this cat has two faces
Dr. Chris Brown

Meet Quimera. Thanks to her two faces, she’s a member of the most exclusive pet club on the planet.

She’s a suspected ‘chimera’. A perfectly healthy and remarkably beautiful cat who is likely to be the result of two separate embryos fusing early in her development; causing her 50/50 split. And it’s not just her face that shows the ‘each way’ approach. Her chest and front legs are also split in their colouring. Other cats and dogs (like Carly pictured above) are also known to exhibit the genetic quirk. Importantly there seems to be no health problems associated with being a chimera.

No matter what her genes say, this is no split decision. She’s a stunner.

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