March 02, 2021

The planet’s only yellow penguin has been found!

The planet’s only yellow penguin has been found!
Dr. Chris Brown

Antarctica is home to 12 million penguins. However, one has just been found that’s definitely NOT like the others...

Just when you thought the penguin had that formal black tie dress code nailed, along comes this guy. A yellow penguin. But rather than being albino, his lack of black pigment in his feathers comes from a rare genetic mutation called leucism. The result? He’s mostly white, however, he can produce some pigment leading to his yellow colouration.

He was spotted by Belgian photographer Yves Adams on the island of South Georgia. And in the most important piece of news of all, our mellow yellow friend was bright, strong and holding his own among 120,000 other black and white King Penguins.

While it’s actually impossible to tell if this penguin is male or female, the chances of breeding (and therefore passing on the unique colour trait) are greatly increased if our yellow friend is a girl. That’s because males out number females 3:1 making them quite keen to say hello to yellow!

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