March 15, 2019

This dog fetched a new kind of stick - the lipstick!

This dog fetched a new kind of stick - the lipstick!
Dr. Chris Brown

After being rescued from an animal shelter just two weeks ago, Jasper wasted no time showing how much he loves his new mum. He applied ALL of her lipstick to his face. And the results are everything...

It’s been an incredible rise for the cross-breed who was previously on a puppy farm with over 200 other dogs.

But can lipstick be dangerous? While the variety of waxes (like beeswax), oils and colours found in lipstick can be an attractant to dogs, they are thankfully not toxic and should only cause a mild laxative effect.

So thankfully Jasper won’t pay a medical price for these fashion crimes! It’s just good to see Jasper making such a colourful start to his new life...

(Pic: Jenna Guillame)


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