February 09, 2021

Why baby owls actually sleep like this

Why baby owls actually sleep like this
Dr. Chris Brown

Yes it’s true. Baby owls really do sleep on their stomachs. Here’s why.
Warning: This may be the most adorable thing you’ll see...

Ok so we’ve all seen adult owls sleeping bolt upright, trying to camouflage in trees. But here's the thing. They didn’t always rest that way...

Why they do it!

It actually comes back to that very cute but very large head of theirs. You see, because an owlet (baby owl) can’t support the weight of their enormous head, they need to sleep flat on their stomachs with their head off to the side so they can breathe. Even from a young age, their huge head is all about detecting sound and vision making them incredibly cute but also making a practical sleeping position a necessity.

It’s also incredibly necessary that I show these pictures of these owlets plank sleeping. Don't's normal to not be able to deal with this cuteness. 

Oh and baby owlets also show an incredibly high level of REM sleep. Meaning they dream even more than adult owls do... Wild!

Calm + Collected
Calm + Collected

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