December 15, 2020

Dogs often hear what they want to 🐕

Dogs often hear what they want to 🐕
Dr. Chris Brown

This look may have new meaning. According to new research, dogs have trouble telling certain words apart. So asking for a fork may have them thinking you want to go for a walk. Awks🍴

The findings by the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest found a dog’s word processing power is about the same as an 18 month old child. Meaning the subtle differences between word sounds are missed and they often guess (wrongly) the true meaning of what you’re saying.

It explains why dogs will often ‘sit’, even when you say ‘kit’. Or think you’re going to the ‘park’ if you say ‘bark’. But the study ignores one important element. Dogs will always want to be ‘good boys’ (or ‘wood toys’) and so often guess what you want and go with that option just to keep you happy...

That’s adorable. Not deplorable.

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