February 16, 2021

The real reason cats meow is a shock

The real reason cats meow is a shock
Dr. Chris Brown

It's that signature sound that's so uniquely them. But have you ever wondered why cats actually do that meow? Especially when you realise cats don't meow at other cats... Crazy huh!

Here's what their special sound actually means...

Spend roughly two thirds of your life asleep and it makes sense you’d make the most of your waking hours. And for cats that often includes making (or meow-king) demands. But just why that meow even happens is a surprise....

For starters, it’s only for human ears. That’s right, cats almost never meow at other cats. In fact, it’s a sound cats develop as kittens as a way of letting their mum know they need help or attention. But here’s the real kicker. Once they grow up, rather than letting the sounds go, they realise that those same pitches and tones get a response from us as our parenting and nurturing instincts kick in. So they bring them back and get attention (and often conversation) in return. Just think about that. They’re ‘baby talking’ to US because WE find it cute. Not the other way round!

But interestingly, they’re not mindless meows. For example, the length of the meow says a lot about their contentment. Short and sharp means they’re happy, affectionate and satisfied. A longer, more prolonged mee...ahh...ow means they’re not getting what they want but are insisting on it. Let’s be real, it’s probably either pats, food or to be let inside.

Mee-ah-how about that?!

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