June 29, 2020

The fascinating reason dogs lick this one place

The fascinating reason dogs lick this one place
Dr. Chris Brown

Have you ever wondered why dogs love licking your toes? Here’s your intriguing answer...

Good luck ignoring the foot lick. And that partly explains why they’re doing it. It’s a guaranteed way of getting your attention while showing you some love and affection as well.

But going the ‘full Fergie’ has other benefits too. The act of repetitively licking releases feel-good chemicals in dog’s brains; leaving them a little ‘high’ on life. Even if they are a little ‘low’ on hygiene!

Finally...and brace for it...sweaty feet give them the salts they love. And like us the desire for salt is extreme!

If the slippery foot massage isn’t your thing then simply get up

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