October 22, 2019

The reason pets go crazy after a bath

The reason pets go crazy after a bath
Dr. Chris Brown

Give your dog or cat a much needed scrub and you can almost guarantee that just seconds later you'll be left wondering whether the bath took away their sanity along with their bad smell.

Researchers now believe there are two main reasons for burning around the backyard after bath time. And both come back to instinct. For starters, they're desperately trying to dry themselves. In cold climates, staying wet could be lethal. The other reason is smell. Many shampoos contain artificial fragrances that ruin any chance of your pet blending into their environment. Which may explain the roll in the rankest pile of you-know-what the park or yard has to offer.

If you want to stop your amigo from smelling even worse after a bath than before then try fragrance free shampoos and towel dry as much as possible...

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