July 07, 2019

The reason this emu swapped the wildlife for farmlife is so pure

The reason this emu swapped the wildlife for farmlife is so pure
Dr. Chris Brown

Fred isn’t your typical emu. Defying all logic and conventional emu behaviour, he ditched life in the outback to shack up with a human family on their farm. And thanks to some investigation we now know why...

The fact emus are normally incredibly shy of humans makes Fred’s lifestyle change even more remarkable. But two possibilities loomed as the most likely explanations. He was either claiming the family’s farm as his conveniently fenced territory or he was on the farm for the companionship.

But one simple test turned all these theories on their head. And it turns out Fred is actually Frieda. Yes, SHE had arrived on the farm looking for a partner and had chosen the rather tall male farmer above anyone else. Quite the compliment. Given breeding season ends now, only time will tell if this unconventional courtship goes the distance and her unrequited love is enough to keep her on the farm.

So to the sweet, determined Frida we say good luck. Love is love...after all.

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