April 01, 2024

Why cats and dogs get the zoomies!

Why cats and dogs get the zoomies!
Dr. Chris Brown

Just why pets transform from lounge lovers to land speed record holders probably isn’t what you expect. And it’s often very different for dogs and cats. So allow me to explain…

Sure it’s been also been dubbed circle work, the witching hour or even the crazies. But its origin is found in two very different places for two very different personalities…


Zoomies actually start in the adrenal glands. They’re right next to the kidneys…in case you were wondering.

Because here, brought on by the extreme emotions of going to the dog groomer, the vet or you arriving home from work, the adrenals release huge amounts of adrenaline (the excitement hormone) and cortisol (the stress hormone) in what’s essentially a fight or flight response.

The result? Your dog mobilises lots and lots of energy. This sudden spike in energy then leads to the sudden urge to release it. As soon as the moment is available. And the Zoomies begin.

It’s why Zoomies occur so soon after stressful events.



Yep, it’s a little different. And instead of the adrenals, head a little lower. Way down…there. To the colon. Yep…there.

Because that’s where cat zoomies begin.

You see, the act of toileting (or even needing to go) actually stimulates the VAGUS nerve (found in the colon) which sends a signal to the brain leading to a feeling of exhilaration and a natural ‘high’. And that high is exactly what transforms your cat into the wide eyed, ballistic ball of fluff flying around your house.

It’s why cat zoomies can also be called ‘Poo-phoria’.

In act, just look how often that mad minute is quickly followed by a visit to the litter tray. It’s wild!

And yeah. Poo-phoria is now the term you never knew you needed in your life...


Furball + Skin Cat
Furball + Skin Cat

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