June 08, 2021

Why cats creepily stare at your shower

Why cats creepily stare at your shower
Dr. Chris Brown

It’s hard to know whether to feel honoured or insulted, But cats (and some dogs) really find the sight of us in the shower intriguing. But there is a very reasonable explanation. I promise…

There are a couple of things at play here. To start with, our fast-paced lifestyle means we barely stand still. Except for those minutes where we’re soaking up that steaming hot water.

Then comes the real kicker. A shower is sensory overload. That shower water flying out of the shower head and then cascading down the glass screen and our bodies really awakens their love of movement. The hunter and gatherer in them finds it captivating. Running water is also a much safer option than stagnant water so they’ll often wait until you’re out of the shower before rushing in for a quick lick of the mineral rich water that collects on your shower tiles. Tasty.


Trust me. Your shower is literally the hottest ticket in town…

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