April 08, 2021

Why pets headbutt…and should you do it back?! 😳

Why pets headbutt…and should you do it back?! 😳
Dr. Chris Brown


Try it on the street (or a sporting field) and chances are it won’t be received well. But for dogs and especially cats, the headbutt can have quite a magical meaning. However, have you ever wondered whether you should return the favour? Just me then. Ok well here’s your answer anyway….


Chances are that first headbutt will come as a surprise. But it actually marks a significant moment in your relationship. Because that ‘butt is about more than just rubbing your cat’s cheek scent glands on your face, sharing cologne and marking you as their territory. In fact, for dogs and cats, putting their face so close to yours implies peak levels of trust and togetherness. It’s why the headbutt is a favourite amongst prides of lions.


There’s no doubt the headbutt can also have a slightly sneaky side benefit. It’s a guaranteed attention seeking technique that almost always has results. A face full of fur and whiskers will do that. But should you do it back to cats? Well, in short, yes. While they might be a little surprised at first, it’s a quick way of saying that trust and love goes both ways.


So my advice…embrace the butt! It’s packed full of love…


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