July 14, 2019

Why this cat’s unique face has the world captivated

Why this cat’s unique face has the world captivated
Dr. Chris Brown

A rare genetic condition means Nui Nai’s eyes will always be dramatically different colours. But will her unique face affect her health?

While all kittens are born with blue eyes, the condition Heterochromia iridis means that Nui Nai’s right eye never had the influx of pigment cells that her left eye did. Leaving her with one blue and one yellow eye. But that’s not all her eyes are capable of. In photos, her right (normally blue) eye appears red as the light bounces off an unpigmented retina.

Thankfully however, Heterochromia isn’t associated with health problems, despite the false belief the condition is linked to deafness. In fact, humans like David Bowie, Shane Warne and Mila Kunis have done just fine!

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