February 02, 2023

The surprising reason dogs lick their feet so much

The surprising reason dogs lick their feet so much
Dr. Chris Brown

For a lot of pets it’s an almost endless obsession. But licking and chewing their feet actually tells you something that’s worth paying attention to…

Hint: it’s not like us chewing our nails…at all 😳

For some dogs that foot licking is more of a full time job than a passing interest. In fact, those wet feet or even a brown discolouration can be a crucial clue it’s been happening while you’ve been out of the house as well…

But why do they REALLY do it?

Well, surprise #1…it’s not usually anxiety or nerves like when we (ok…me) chew on our finger nails. It’s a very different urge.

So, the answer is surprise #2…it’s actually because those feet (especially the sensitive skin between their toes) are irritated and itchy. And because they can’t scratch their own feet, they lick. And lick. And lick. Often late at night and early morning when it’s all you can hear.

So how does it happen?

The cause is almost always the grass and weed sap that gets crushed between their toes when they walk outside and sets off an allergy.

Essentially, 16 little allergic reactions are occurring. One between each toe. No wonder it drives them a little crazy. But typically the irritated skin isn't limited to the feet and the ears, chest and belly are often red and sensitive...

What can you do?

Realising that your little mate has an allergy or an irritation is the first part.

Then, it’s all about soothing that sensitive skin between the toes. I created my Soothe My Skin Wash to deal with this exact challenge. The chamomile, oatmeal and aloe vera should provide that long lasting relief they need in all the sensitive spots, including the feet. 

Soothe My Skin Wash
Soothe My Skin Wash

But as an extra tip, try this 2 minute foot soother!

Grab a sink, a tub or even a cat litter tray

Then add a squirt of Soothe My Skin Wash and some water until the water is around 10cm (4 inches) deep.

After each walk on grass, let them stand in the bath for 1 minute for front feet and 1 minute for back feet. You’ll wash away the allergens that are about to cause that licking and calm that sensitive skin. The difference will be game changing!

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