February 20, 2020

Bernie’s blood saved a life today. Here’s how....

Bernie’s blood saved a life today. Here’s how....
Dr. Chris Brown

When a dog with a bleeding disorder suddenly needed a lifesaving blood transfusion, a complete canine stranger stepped up and saved the day. Here’s how dogs like Bernie make a difference...

Whether it’s from trauma, a poisoning (from something like rat bait) or blood loss through life saving surgery, pets, just like people, sometimes need that liquid gold. But a widespread shortage of available blood means dogs like Bernie, who just happened to be in the vet hospital for a vaccination at the time, are occasionally called upon to save a life unexpectedly.

Bernie didn’t know it, but he’s the perfect blood donor. Young (less than 5 years), calm and over 25kg in weight. 300ml of blood later and something he’ll never miss saved the life of another dog he’s never met. A perfect outcome for a very good boy.

Did you know?

Like humans, dogs and cats have specific blood types. Dogs, in fact have 15, while cats have 3. These ‘types‘ are usually irrelevant on the first transfusion however.

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