March 11, 2019

Can multiple mosquito bites drain the life out of your little mate?

Can multiple mosquito bites drain the life out of your little mate?
Dr. Chris Brown

We’ve all had outdoor adventures ruined when mozzies attempt to make a meal out of us. But given our pets spend SO much time outside, can multiple mosquito bites actually cause them serious medical problems? Here’s the buzz in my special Drool investigation...

Let’s smack down some mozzie facts.

YES...mozzie bites cause skin welts in pets just like they do in people. In fact, insect bite sensitivity is a common problem in the warmer summer months. But dogs and cats have a great natural defence. That fur coat means it’s only those hairless parts (ear tips, noses and bellies) that are usually affected. Look for itching, redness and small scabs.

YES....mozzies are the way that heartworm is spread between animals so if your dog (or cat) isn’t on heartworm prevention AND lives in an area where heartworm is found AND gets bitten by a carrier mosquito then you may have a problem.

But NO. Being bitten by multiple mozzies shouldn’t make your little mate anaemic like chronic flea bites can. Even though a mosquito drinks the same amount of blood as a flea (6/1000 ml in case you were wondering) the fact they only get access to the ears, nose and belly saves your furry family from serious blood loss.

Oh and just like us, it’s the carbon dioxide of their breath that attracts mosquitoes and draws them to the face. And it’s the early evening that’s the danger time for bites.

There you go. More than you ever thought you’d know about mosquitoes and your little mates.

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