March 26, 2019

How did this Aussie icon end up alone in a US pet store?

How did this Aussie icon end up alone in a US pet store?
Dr. Chris Brown

It’s meant to be a wild bird known for it’s iconic laugh so mystery surrounds how this sad kookaburra ended up alone in a US pet store.

Australian woman Wendy Davidson spotted the bird sitting in a cage in the Virginia shop and immediately alerted the authorities, including the Australian consulate in New York. Under Australian law it’s not only illegal to capture native birds, it’s also illegal to export them from the country. Keeping them as a pet in Virginia (and some other US states) is not against state law however. That’s despite this incredible bird having an intelligence, social and nutritional needs that can’t possibly be met by sitting alone in a cage.

We’re being assured that Australian authorities are working to free him so I’ll be sure to let you know how he goes. Of all the animals that deserve a happy ending, surely this kookaburra is one of them…

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