April 04, 2019

How to prevent playtime from having painful consequences

How to prevent playtime from having painful consequences
Dr. Chris Brown

A tiny flaw in this dog toy tragically cost this Golden Retriever her life. Here’s what went wrong and also how to ensure our best intentions with toys don’t have the worst possible outcomes.

In this case, the 14 month old retriever’s chewing caused the rope ball to unravel. With her owner out of the house, she managed to swallow over a metre of rope which then tightened in her intestine causing tragically lethal injuries. Parts of rubber balls for dogs (often not intended for pet use) and fishing rod based toys for cats are responsible for the most emergency call outs. Retractable dog leashes are the other accessory that I see causing problems when the extended lead allows them to run into traffic.

The fact is any toy, especially with vigorous chewing, has the potential to disintegrate, so you should always try to ensure playtime is supervised. And honestly, fun is far better when it’s shared...

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