August 09, 2019

Is it time to replace poison baits with these guys?

Is it time to replace poison baits with these guys?
Dr. Chris Brown

Poison baits killed six of these incredible Maremma sheepdogs in country Queensland. But could these innocent victims have been the solution to the problem of wild dogs all along? This video might just have you believing in Dog.

Rural areas all around the world use the lethal poison, 1080 to kill feral animals that might prey upon livestock like sheep and cattle. Even some city parks use the baits to control foxes and even rabbits. But recent research using night cameras showed that none of the baits were taken by foxes or wild dogs. Instead, native animals were the unintended victims.

Adding to the problems with 1080 poison’s lack of accuracy is the cruel way it kills its unintended victims. Convulsions and seizures may last for hours before they eventually pass away.

But Maremma sheepdogs, made famous by the movie Oddball, might be the perfect chemical free solution. They loyally guard livestock around the clock with amazing success. In fact, their instinct is so strong, they’ll sleep alongside animals like sheep, cattle and even chickens to watch over them throughout the night like overly protective parents! Still not convinced? Watch this video and see just how Maremma’s react to a threat they’ve never seen before. It’ll have you believing in DOG.

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