July 16, 2019

Your update on the deadly disease dogs catch from rats

Your update on the deadly disease dogs catch from rats
Dr. Chris Brown

You were justifiably concerned when it was revealed 5 dogs had died after contracting Leptospirosis; a deadly disease caused by contact with rats. But update.

Sadly, the number of dogs claimed by Lepto now stands at six. All were inner city Sydney doggos and most were renowned as rat catchers.
If there is good news then it’s the fact the exact strain has been identified and this is one protected against by the vaccine.

If you live in a high risk (inner city) area with large numbers of rats and your dog seems determined to either hunt them or drink water potentially contaminated with their urine then vaccination is definitely recommended.

Three shots, 4 weeks apart will seemingly protect against the disease that causes fever, vomiting, red urine and even kidney and liver failure.

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