February 21, 2022

The food most likely to cause a vet visit is a surprise

The food most likely to cause a vet visit is a surprise
Dr. Chris Brown

They’re a feature of so many barbecues and parties. But they all too often roll off a plate and into the waiting mouths of the furry family. Here’s why they might be the most common cause of emergency visits…

After a big summer barbecue season, parks and backyards are absolutely full of these sweet, often butter soaked chewy treats. Corn cobs! In fact, I had to pull one out of Buzzy’s mouth near an outdoor BBQ area just yesterday. And while sweet, smoky flavour draws dogs in almost instantly, the result of them being swallowed isn’t pretty.


That’s because the husk of the cob is completely indigestible. It simply won’t break down. And that cylinder shape is just big and rough enough to lodge in their small intestine. From there, major abdominal surgery is the only way to avoid disaster…

The answer? Well, two things.

First of all, if you are going to have corn on the cob, collect (and count) all your cobs immediately after meal time and place them in a bag and then straight into your wheelie bin.

And secondly, have their own snacks on hand that are more tempting than that corn cob. And that fill them up, stop that scavenging and actually do their health some good.

That way, that furry crocodile just waiting for a snack will stay satisfied…and safe.

School Snacks
School Snacks

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