March 01, 2022

The simple ways to help flood affected wildlife

The simple ways to help flood affected wildlife
Dr. Chris Brown

Flooding rains continue to lash large parts of the country. But when it’s safe to do so, our wildlife will need help. Here are some simple things everyone (including our pets) can do to make a difference…

Here’s the thing. Just because they live their lives outdoors doesn’t mean they’re equipped to handle extreme weather events like these. Most are poor swimmers and their fur and feathers quickly become waterlogged.

Currently, there are numerous reports of koala joeys being separated from their mums as well as possums and birds being flooded out of tree hollows. But it’s the ground dwelling animals that naturally struggle the most with the flooding of burrow homes a death sentence for animals like wombats.

- Car trauma from crossing roads
- Hypothermia from being drenched
- Or malnutrition when their food source (like seeds and nectar) are simply washed away.

But the big question is, what can we do to help? Here are some useful tips…
- Keep your eyes open. Flood affected wildlife will often take shelter in homes and garages. If you see sodden animals, try to take a photo and contact your local wildlife rescue organisation. Avoid picking them up unless you’re skilled. Instead…
- Put out boxes and dry towels that will provide shelter and warmth.
- Make sure dogs and cats are inside so their inquisitive side doesn’t frighten already stressed animals.
- Slow down on the roads. Animals will be dazed, confused and even shelter on roadsides.

Feel free to share on my page any wildlife discoveries, rescues and hacks for shelters. It might be nice to celebrate the wins out there! Stay safe and stay dry. Our wildlife have been through a lot over the last 4 years so let’s hope they can find a way through this challenge…

Pic credits: Russell Latter, Sydney Wildlife Rescue

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